Pool Policies

We at Unsinkable Dogs want you and your dogs to have a happy, safe experience at our pool. To help ensure this, we have established the following policies.

1.  Dog-Dog Safety:  For everyone’s safety, dogs need to be on-leash while on the grounds.  Please observe the 8-foot rule:  dogs should be 8 feet or more apart at all times.  Even a bump from a friendly dog has the potential to harm a dog recovering from an injury, and not all dogs “just want to be friends.”

2.  Entering the Building:  If you are waiting for your pool time, please wait outside until the previous client or a staff member tells you that you may enter.  We will have signs near the doors to let you know when the coast is clear!

3.  Session Timing:  Your session time includes time to rinse and dry your dog, as desired.  We have a booster bath, blower, and towels to help you.  You need to be done drying before the next client’s arrival time.  

4.  Self-Swimmers:  Self-swimmers are responsible for skimming the pool for hair and debris after their dog swims.  They also must notify Unsinkable Dogs staff immediately if their dog soils the pool.

5.  Flea Preventatives:  Even “waterproof” flea treatments can dissolve from your dog into the water.  This can potentially affect other people or dogs who will be in that water, even with the filtering we have in place.  At least 7 full days must pass after topical flea preparations are applied before a dog is allowed to swim.  This policy holds for self-swimming and all types of assisted waterwork.

6.  Dirty Dogs:  In order to help prevent excess dirt and hair in the pool, dogs should be clean and thoroughly brushed before arriving for a swim session.  Short, smoothed-off toenails also are appreciated.  If your dog is muddy or dirty, it must be washed before swimming.  This time will count toward your session time so we can keep our schedule for other clients.

7.  Soiling in the Pool:  Dogs must relieve themselves before entering the pool building.  Solid excrement in the pool will shut the entire facility down until the pool can be cleaned and sanitized.  A significant surcharge will be added to the owner’s bill to cover part of the associated costs of the shut down and loss of business.  Please talk to your veterinarian if you need help to ensure your dog relieves itself at an appropriate time.  Tools for collecting and disposing of waste are near both the entrance to and exit from the pool.

8.  Food:  Please do not feed a full meal within 4 hours of your scheduled swim time.  Dogs often swallow water while swimming and may regurgitate it back.  We prefer that breakfast stay out of the pool.

9.  Towels:  We supply towels for your use after swimming.  You may want additional towels or dog coats or T-shirts to protect your car seats and keep your dog warm on the ride home.  

10. Pre- and post-surgical swims:  We need a written veterinary statement that your dog is fit to swim if surgery is scheduled within the next month for pre-surgical clients or if a swim session is scheduled within 8 weeks post-surgery.  We reserve the right to ask for veterinary approval outside of these time limits or to refuse service if we feel it is in the best interest of the dog.

11. Cancellation policy:  Cancellations received less than 24 hours before a session will incur a $40 cancellation fee.