Who Should Swim?


Our indoor, warm water pool gives your puppy the safest and easiest possible introduction to water.  The water is clean, and we control the current so your puppy can learn to swim without needing to wear a leash for safety.  We have no mallards or Canadian geese to tempt your puppy into swimming beyond her strength or your reach, but you are welcome to bring a rubber ducky! 

Dogs who are socially challenged

Do you have a young vigorous dog who needs exercise but doesn’t play well with others or thinks a recall from playing is optional?  Because your sessions at Unsinkable Dogs are private, you can safely exercise your dog, helping to reduce the frustration often felt by underexercised dogs.  Swimming before a training session can help take the edge off your dog's energy, helping her to focus on you during training.   And we all believe a tired dog is a good dog!  Swimming can also be a good confidence builder for the timid dog.

Dogs scheduled for surgery

If you know your dog has surgery in her future, use swimming at Unsinkable Dogs to build her fitness beforehand.  A dog who is used to the pool and swimming will also more readily ease back into the water and recovery swimming after her surgery. 

Dogs recovering from surgery

Warm water swimming at Unsinkable Dogs is great for helping your dog regain her fitness.  Once you and your veterinarian agree that your dog can safely enter the water, she is ready to swim.  Swimming will rebuild the muscle tone lost during surgical recovery without the jolting of trotting around on the ground. 

Overweight dogs

Warmwater swimming at Unsinkable Dogs is excellent exercise for the overweight dog.  Most of her body weight is supported by the water, keeping the excess load from overstressing her joints.  Swimming is still great exercise because water provides more resistance to movement than air does. 

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs enjoy the warmth of the water on their sore joints.  Because their weight is largely supported by the water, warm water swimming at Unsinkable Dogs allows them to get the exercise they need without overstressing arthritic joints.  The warmth also encourages greater range and freedom of movement.

Athletic Dogs

Do you compete with your dog in canine sports?  If so, swimming at Unsinkable Dogs can keep her in condition all year round, even when the weather is bad or light is short after work.  Swimming uses all major muscle groups, so you can keep your dog fit and balanced.