Are you tired of standing outside in the cold rain endlessly throwing the ball for your muddy dog?

If you live near Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington, we have an alternative for you!

At Unsinkable Dogs Canine Warm Water Swim Center, your dog still has the thrill of chasing a toy and getting wet, but you stay (mostly) dry.  While you relax in our warm, tranquil pool area, we'll be the ones getting wet ensuring your dog gets a great workout with or without toys in our clean, jetted saltwater pool.  After the swim in our pool, you are welcome to rinse your dog with fresh water and use our blower to start the drying process.  We supply towels for drying after swim -- you'll just need a seat cover if you prefer dry seats in your car.

If you need a break today, call us at 360-624-8475 to see if we have swim times open.  First dog enters the pool at 9 in the morning, and our last sessions begin at 8 pm.  Weekday and weekend sessions available.

Take a break from your busy holiday schedule -- bring your dog to Unsinkable Dogs today!

   Visa, Mastercard, checks, and cash accepted.  Gift Certificates 
   are available.